Specialized Lead Generation Services

Every business is unique so each requires specialized lead generation requirements.

At On Fire Marketing we look at lead generation on a case by case basis and make our recommendations based on your specific needs.

Most of the time we create a custom application designed to generate leads specifically for your business. For example we designed software that generates highly targeted fresh leads of buyers for real estate agents. This software is capable of generating up to 30,000 leads per month giving real estate agents an extremely cost effective way of finding buyers for specific properties which helped them make significantly more sales. Another example of software we created for lead generation is an application that was designed for a car dealership that purchased large quantities of used cars. The software generates generates around 60,000 leads a month of people selling their used vehicles and is designed so the car lot can choose specific makes, models, years, and mileage.

To learn how we can generate leads for your business call 1-888-216-1922.