Our Services

We offer a variety of services to help you reach a massive audience and saturate the internet, creating lasting recognition for your brand name.  
  • Planning
    Listening to you and having a complete understanding of your business is a key step as we create a plan to generate a buzz about your business and drive the kind of target traffic to your website that will convert to buyers.
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  • Design
    Everything we do comes down to design. From graphics to layout and software development we proceed according to mockups  and give you a chance to approve any permanent changes before moving onto whatever is next…
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  • Development
    As your business grows and we analyze the data we can find areas to improve on and develop further.  Software always requires updates and new features are often a part of the process of software Development.
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  • Promotion
    When your ready for traffic we hit our stride by promoting your site all over the internet generating a buzz online about your products or services bringing you a steady stream of targeted prospects.
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Main Services

Software Development
Developing new software programs is our passion. If there is a repetitive task you do online or if have an idea for a way to make your life easier though automation let us know. We would love to take on the challenge.
Graphic Design
Yes a book is judged by its cover and that is why it is important to have graphics that create cohesive look for your brand in all of your advertising material. We do total rebranding, logo design, and mascot creations that you can use on all of your web and printed materials. Our designers can take care of all your graphics, including ebook covers, graphic sales pages, graphical software interfaces, and much more.
Website Design
Here at On Fire Marketing we are raving WordPress fans and build our websites themes so that they easily integrate with this awesome, easy to use, FREE content management system. If you haven’t heard of WordPress then check it our right now. With all the free resources that WordPress offers you may no longer need us to design your site, but you won’t want to totally forget about us. When your ready to get a firestorm of traffic heading your way we are the ones that will make it happen. While our specialty is in designing for WordPress we are quite comfortable working with all kinds of other platforms and do so all of the time.
Traffic Generation
Creating traffic and advertising campaigns that generate a buzz online requires a unique set of skills. Put our experts to work for you and discover how we provide massive exposure that will improve your brand recognition and create a firestorm of targeted traffic to your website.
Tracking & Analytics
We keep a close eye on numbers, charts and graphs so that we know where your site visitors are coming from, how long they stay on it, and what they do while they are there. The data we collect and analyze is essential for tracking and improving advertising campaigns, and managing profits.
We are not humble about our content creation skills and you won’t hear us apologize for bragging about those skills either. On Fire Marketing is proud of our ability to write content that will grab your visitors attention and have them compelled to keep on reading. While writing is a small part of our business, we believe it is one of the most important services that we offer. You want sales copy that coverts like crazy, press releases that sizzle, articles that people love to read, and ebooks that inspire, while at the same time you want to be sure that this content is totally optimized for the search engines. That is not too much to ask for and that is exactly what we deliver.
Video and Animation Production
Yes we do video and and animation production as well..
Mobile Marketing
As mobile devices such as iPads, and cellular phones become more popular so will the need to use these devices to advertise. Get a head-start on the competition today!
Email Marketing
Your email subscribers list can be your greatest asset. At On Fire Marketing Email Marketing happens to be one of our specialities. Contact us for more information.
Online Reputation Management
We have the knowledge of how to monitor your online reputation and improve, or altogether remove a negative online reputation. Also if your content, products, or software is being shared illegally online we can help you with this as well.
Social Media Management
Social media is an important aspect to improving your results in the search engines, building a reputation online, and communicating with your target audience. At On Fire Marketing we can manage all of your social media so you can spend your time doing what you do best.